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GTA Home Prices up 1.6% in June

According to the most recent Teranet–National Bank National Composite House Price Index™ release, the GTA housing market has outpaced the country wide average increase of 1.4% last month. Over the past year the GTA average gain of 7.8% is well above the national average increase of 5.1% and second only to an 8.5% increase in Vancouver. For those of you keeping an eye on your property value the summary is here and full details are at . Enjoy!

Prepare Your Home For Sale – Main Selling Rooms

One aspect of selling any property is the creation of a memorable viewing experience for the buyer. Making a great first impression and highlighting the main selling rooms can help buyers imagine themselves living in the space while they walk through your home. In this short video, staging expert Carla Woolnough offers tips on presenting a home that invites a buyer to stay longer and look further. The checklist is here.

Prepare Your Home For Sale – Painting

Looking for a simple, cost effective way to make your property more saleable ? Consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint. In this brief video, staging expert Carla Woolnough provides tips on one of the easiest and affordable ways to prepare your home for sale.

Prepare Your Home For Sale – Staging FAQ

A key aspect of selling any property is preparing it for the market. As Benjamin Franklin put it,  ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. He may not have been concerned with real estate but I can vouch for his words in respect to selling your home. My 25+ years of experience in the business has taught me first hand the necessity of market preparation.

In this short video staging expert Carla Woolnough addresses some frequently asked questions about the home staging process.


Prepare Your Home For Sale – Pre-packing

Pre-packing, editing and de-cluttering are three good ways to show a buyer that your property has all the storage they need. This brief video features staging expert Carla Woolnough providing helpful tips on this aspect of preparing your home for sale.

How much are foreign investors driving the condo market in the GTA?

TO condos 2

According to a recent Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation study the answer is  – not very much.

The CMHC’s annual rental market survey says that only 2.4% of condos in Toronto are owned by foreign investors.

An article in The Star also revealed a few other intriguing stats from the same study which among other things, confirm the re-urbanization trend of late. Consider this –  the average rent increase of 8% for a condo in the downtown TO core was 80% more when compared with the GTA average of 4.4% in the past year. The entire article by Susan Pigg is well worth reading.